16 May 2018

According to the May 1, 2018 auDA Policy Review Panel agenda the panel is finalising the direct registration rules:

However, in a letter from auDA to Members on 18 April, 2018 the auDA Chair Chris Leptos wrote:

We’re confused, which is it – is the Policy Review Panel’s work on direct .au registration policy on hold, or proceeding full steam ahead?

It appears to be the latter, and without proper multi-stakeholder bottom up consensus policy development.

Is this more puffery from the auDA propaganda machine?

Read the discussion on this issue.

4 May 2018

Josh Rowe wrote the following email to the auDA board today – auDA: be multi-stakeholder or die. auDA Members want auDA to work. And for it to work it must be a truly multi-stakeholder bottom up consensus driven organisation. This is a big change from the way auDA has operated over the last two years  

3 May 2018

On Friday 20 April Josh Rowe met with auDA Chair Chris Leptos for over an hour, and then with auDA Director Tim Connell over that weekend. There was no message received from either of them which proposed a one month delay to the SGM. Had that been proposed then it could have saved tens of thousands of member funds from being spent on auDA’s Federal Court case.

auDA went to the Federal Court seeking to delay the SGM for 3 months to September, the judge rejected this and compromised on a 1 month extension. In other words, auDA lost. 

auDA’s propaganda machine left out these important facts.

2 May 2018

auDA is going slow on providing the auDA Membership List. 

Subject: Request for auDA Membership List
From: Hasaka Martin 2 May 2018 at 21:37
To: Josh Rowe
Cc: Cameron Boardman, Kylie Lane, Chris Harris, Paul Szyndler, Jim Stewart, Erhan Karabardak, Chris Leptos

Dear Josh,

I can confirm the receipt of the $250 into auDA account and that auDA will supply the register in accordance with statutory obligations.

Kind Regards,
Hasaka Martin

I belive the statutory obligations mean that auDA can wait up to 7 days before sending the Membership list. If auDA chooses to continue playing these type of games it will only reflect poorly on auDA.


1 May 2018

auDA’s propaganda machine is wearing thin with members who are already weary of many broken promises of improved multi-stakeholder consultation. 

The current auDA leadership and board has failed to develop bottom-up consensus amongst the Australian Internet community – including businesses, technical experts, civil society, and governments. Qualified and experienced leaders and board members must be put in place at auDA as soon as possible to deliver on the Australian Government’s required reforms to auDA.


27th April 2018

In a disgraceful waste of tens of thousands of dollars of .au domain name registrant’s money, auDA took Josh Rowe, one of the “Grumpier.com.au three” and a former auDA Non Executive Director, to the Federal Court yesterday, and in effect lost. auDA wanted to three month delay to the Member requested Special General Meeting until September 2018. The judge agreed to a delay of a single month to July 2018. Read Josh Rowe’s letter to the Federal Court.


26 April 2018

For the first time in its history, auDA is now charging Members a fee for access to its Membership list. Rather than having an argument with auDA, this is a crowd fund to raise the $250 to access the Membership list. This will allow communication to occur with all auDA Members regarding the upcoming Special General Meeting
Contribute here: https://www.gofundme.com/auda-membership-list-fee

Reached goal within hours. Thank you!


23rd April 2018

Jim Stewart’s SEO business has outlaid well over $100,000 fighting to keep its domain name alive, after a complaint lodged against it to domain registry authority auDA threatened to delete its company website. Read the Registrant Review Panel’s Decision


17th April 2018

As the Grumpier campaign gains momentum, auDA has chosen to fire back with an unethical, cowardly and anonymous response. This morning’s story in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald proves that a copy of the long-awaited PPB Advisory report has been leaked. The most “Top Secret” document in the auDA archive has been selectively leaked to a prominent journalist with the clear intent of causing reputational damage to one of Grumpier’s signatories and to undermine the credibility of our campaign overall.

This leak – which could only have come from the auDA Board or Senior Executive – says more about the current culture of the organisation than about the actions of past employees. auDA Members need to ask themselves – are these the people, who are seemingly obsessed with petty-politicking and mud-slinging, the ones we really want in control of .au’s future?

We will not be bullied, auDA.  Your actions only make us grumpier.

For more detailed responses, please read Paul’s comments on DnTrade and Josh’s latest blog post. And for a more balanced media perspective, see Kevin Murphy’s latest post on Domain Incite.

10th April 2018

This is the response we got from auDA’s lawyers to our request pursuant to Section 249D of the Corporations Act.

auDA is a membership organisation, so we would have thought that the response would be a little less “heavy handed”. 🙁