17th April 2018

As the Grumpier campaign gains momentum, auDA has chosen to fire back with an unethical, cowardly and anonymous response. This morning’s story in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald proves that a copy of the long-awaited PPB Advisory report has been leaked. The most “Top Secret” document in the auDA archive has been selectively leaked to a prominent journalist with the clear intent of causing reputational damage to one of Grumpier’s signatories and to undermine the credibility of our campaign overall.

This leak – which could only have come from the auDA Board or Senior Executive – says more about the current culture of the organisation than about the actions of past employees. auDA Members need to ask themselves – are these the people, who are seemingly obsessed with petty-politicking and mud-slinging, the ones we really want in control of .au’s future?

We will not be bullied, auDA.  Your actions only make us grumpier.

For more detailed responses, please read Paul’s comments on DnTrade and Josh’s latest blog post. And for a more balanced media perspective, see Kevin Murphy’s latest post on Domain Incite

10th April 2018

This is the response we got from auDA’s lawyers to our request pursuant to Section 249D of the Corporations Act.

auDA is a membership organisation, so we would have thought that the response would be a little less “heavy handed”. 🙁